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Based in Chicago, Illinois, DAE Family Office Consulting provides investment advisory services designed to address the often conflicting goals of capital appreciation and wealth preservation. 

For investors with concentrated wealth, single stock positions or sector concentrations, we have a proprietary solution to hedge concentrated exposures. The crux of our value proposition lies in the creation of novel low-cost tail hedges, priced at a fraction of comparable option based solutions. Typical tail hedging strategies are capital intensive and lose an average of 3.4% per year while waiting for a black swan event. Additionally, standard tail-hedges are price sensitive to market uncertainty. Increasing volatility raises the cost of risk transference. Intra-year market volatility swings have no impact on the cost of our hedging program, allowing for an efficient, systematic, replicable solution to wealth preservation.

DAE Family Office Consulting is the product of 30 years of direct experience trading derivatives at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange with extensive expertise across equities, rates, currencies, and soft commodities. Additionally, Mr. Ellett brings prior experience investing in private equity on behalf of a Forbes 400 family. 

Our expertise can aid in investment selection, independent due diligence, and investment and risk management. We look forward to discussing your needs.

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